Our gin

The spirit is vapour infused in our still, using carefully selected botanicals, topped with a hint of home grown hops – a nod to Otley’s legendary pub culture.

Our gin was created following almost a decade of research which involved the delightful task of tasting many, many gins from all over the globe.
This ‘Ginaisance’ period has provided us with the fantastic opportunity to realise our passion, resulting in our first London Dry White House Gin.

Vibrant & smooth with a determined dry finish


We are an artisan small batch producer.

The magic happens at our distillery situated on the banks of the River Wharfe in Yorkshire. The meticulous attention to detail of our distiller (Nick), combined with our state-of-the-art distillery create consistently excellent spirits. There’s nowt else we need to say, except – come on in!


Our London Dry Gin is not just bottled in Otley,
it’s distilled in Otley.

Our distiller Nick, with his meticulous attention to detail, combined with our state-of-the-art distillery means we create consistently excellent spirits. Vapour infused in our 250 Litre still with carefully selected botanicals and topped with a hint of home grown hops is the perfect nod to Otley’s legendary pub culture.

When looking for a suitable building, we wanted to be locally situated and luckily we managed to find space in an old mill. It needed quite a bit of work doing in order to turn it into a distillery but it ticked all the right boxes.

Enjoy the detail...

Our Location

Nestled below the Chevin in the Yorkshire town of Otley is the White House Distillery. Otley is famed for many things:

The Pub Town

Otley once boasted three cattle markets which lead to it’s extended (quite rare at the time) ‘All Day’ drinking hours. Back then Otley was in the Guinness book of records for having the most pubs per capita 1 pub for every 600 people.

A Leading Invention

The Falcon continuous printing press was actually invented in Otley.

Shaping Politics

It’s also believed that stone was quarried from the Chevin for the construction of the Houses of Parliament.

Artistic Influence

Turner used the Chevin as a backdrop for some of his most famous paintings. He stayed with the Horton-Fawkes family in nearby Farnley; as a nod to the infamous Guy Fawkes, we’ve named our futuristic Genio still ‘Guido’.

Our Distiller

The Beginning of an Obsession

Nick’s interest in gin started 10 years ago, in his local celebrating a birthday when he was offered a Hendricks on the house, leading to an entire evening of drinking gin and marvelling at how splendid it was. Nick was already a huge whisky fan and hadn’t appreciated how diverse and interesting gin could be too!

Our Lead Distiller

Nick Jocelyn is a Yorkshireman and has lived in Otley for over 20 years. He started his career as a chef and has worked across the UK and France. The more Nick learnt about gin, the more he wanted to distil it. He started by buying a copper alembic mini still and obtained a license from Her Majesties revenue and customs – the journey had well and truly begun.

Learning from the Experts

The hunt was now on for suitable premises and during this period, Nick’s partner Nikki booked them on to a week long distillers course at Brew School in Derbyshire with Jamie Baxter as the lead tutor. Jamie Baxter is a renowned craft distilling expert and all round knowledge of just about anything to do with spirit production.

Jamie is everything you will ever read about him, we now call him ‘the gentleman of gin’, although I don’t believe he has any specific allegiance to any particular alcoholic beverage, he has an interest and knowledge of just about everything from schnapps to calvados.


It soon became a fascinating new hobby



White House?

The White House sits on the hill ‘The Chevin’ overlooking Otley. It hasn’t been a residence for many years, but according to records, the White House was a ruin in 1850 until a stone mason called Ben Naylor rebuilt it and extended it and became the occupant. The House remains the same today, it’s a utilitarian property but it’s always been a local symbol. We use the stone masons hammer and chisel as our symbol; it’s etched into every bottle stopper.